Commit 68e2e7da authored by David Stancu's avatar David Stancu
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fix warnings

parent f38d3d5c
......@@ -364,12 +364,12 @@ static struct prodos_file *LoadFile(char *file_path_data, bool zero_case_bits)
return NULL;
bool is_apple_single = ASIsAppleSingle(data, &current_file->data_length);
bool is_apple_single = ASIsAppleSingle(data, (size_t) current_file->data_length);
if (is_apple_single)
logf_info(" AppleSingle format detected!\n");
ASDecorateProdosFile(current_file, data, &current_file->data_length);
ASDecorateProdosFile(current_file, data, (size_t) current_file->data_length);
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